Hog Hunting Helicopter Excursion

Texas Hog Hunting by helicopter is not just hunting for sport. It is an elimination program to rid Texas of feral hogs! Concerned about the ethics? Check out this discussion: www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/02/foghorn/ethics-shooting-hogs-helicopters/

Helicopter Hog Hunting has grown to be a critical tool in fighting the overpopulation of Texas feral hogs, which account for more than hundreds of thousands of dollars of destruction every year to our regional Texas farms and ranches. Not only are we doing a tremendous service to the ranch and farm populations here in Texas, but it has swiftly emerged as one of the most inquired hunting experiences in the world, and we by chance are located smack in the heart of the greatest state for hunting feral hogs. Technically “hog depredation,” really.

Texas Helicopter Hog Hunting

Allow us the chance to put you above feral hogs and overpopulated coyotes to preserve farms and ranches – while becoming an absolute blast. Helicopter Hog Hunts in the great State of Texas are unique fun and can be a treat family, friends, or even corporate clients.

We endeavor to provide the top helicopter pig hunting in Texas, with the most helicopters to choose from, more land to hunt, and we regularly have hogs to hunt!  We offer a Charter Service to help our clients with logistics so that you don’t have to worry about getting to and from your hog hunt.

Thanks to the passing of HB 716, we now provide local, out-of-state, and foreign guests the chance to shoot and kill feral hogs from a helicopter. These wild hogs have been deemed a threat to the environment, and we invite you to take part in protecting our beautiful state. With that being said, please keep in mind that we hunt on working ranches and farms, so it is crucial that we respect the land, our neighbors, and their property at all times.

A valid TX hunting license is required to participate in the Hog Hunting by Helicopter trip. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offers various hunting licenses available online. Texas residents need at minimum the Type 101 Resident Hunting License, and out-of-state or international guests need at minimum the Type 157 Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting License.

Texas Wild Hog Hunting

Wild hogs have been rummaging through the American countryside for as long as there has been an America. Spanish explorers introduced pigs in Florida 500 years ago. Some escaped, went native, and they’ve been running wild ever since. Today, feral hogs are found in more than half the states, mostly in the South. In many places, such as Texas, their numbers are growing, causing big headaches for landowners.

Texas Hogs: There are an estimated 2 million in Texas alone. The population has gone hog wild, boosted by the release of feral and domestic hogs onto ranches so they can be hunted for sport. They’re smart, so the hunting can be challenging. You can hunt hogs year round and by any method you choose in Texas. So no waiting for deer season to warm up that gun barrel. Wild pork is also excellent meat; lean and flavorful.

The Hunt: While we hunt either day or night, the majority of our Wild Hog Hunts are at night. Our hogs have a strong influence of Russian boar genetics and prove that by their size, aggressiveness, and ability to make this one of the most challenging hunts you have ever been on. We at Texas 5 Star Hunting Adventures offer different hog hunting packages and can structure the hunt to fit your needs.

Season: There is no closed season on hogs and we are ready to book your hunt anytime throughout the year.

Contact Us: If you are looking for some REAL excitement of a High Action Hunt at incredible low prices then join us. Contact us today to setup your Texas hog hunt!

Texas Wild Hog Hunting Packages

Wild hog hunts start at $375.00 with a 3 hunter minimum, and all hunts are fully-guided. Majority of our Wild Hog Hunts are conducted at night and you will be using night vision equipment or spot lighting from a high rack.

Call for pricing and availablity.