Austin Aerial Photography

For those who expect excellence and appreciate value, at last there’s the R44 Raven. Quite simply, the Raven delivers the performance of an expensive turbine helicopter at an affordable piston price. Its sleek design, impressive speed, and unparalleled reliability give it the competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, changing environment.

Helicopters of AustinThe R44 Raven I offers turbine performance at an affordable piston price with high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and comfortable hydraulic controls.

The high-performance R44 Raven II is designed for more payload, higher altitudes, and faster speeds with all the luxuries of the Raven I. The latest in the R44 line, this aircraft is also available as a Clipper II, Police Helicopter, and Newscopter.

Location Scouting

Our extensive knowledge of the region provides you with expert knowledge of prime locations for your desired shots. Our aircraft will allow you to view the potential that Texas has to offer.

HD Aerial Cinematography

Decades of experience provides you with top quality filming and equipment from our Aerial Film Pilots

Custom Painting

At your request, we can custom paint our aircraft to meet your production needs. Our choppers can depict a wide array of options ranging from Law Enforcement to executive transport.

High oblique photos are taken with the camera inclined at around 10 degrees from vertical. They are taken from a high-wing airplane and/or helicopter and have the following characteristics:

(1) Covers a very large area.
(2) The subject of these photos would give you a view similar to what you might see on a commercial flight.
(3) The view varies from the very familiar to the unfamiliar, depending on the height at which the photo is taken.
(4) No scale is applicable to the entire photograph and distance cannot be measured.
(5) Parallel lines on the ground are not parallel on these types of photos. Oblique type photos are ideal for presentation views of your home and property. They have also been successful in helping with business advertising such as car dealerships to show quantity and selection of vehicles, real estate to show size and layout of homes and businesses, motels and resorts to show pools and other attractions, colleges to show size of campuses, movie locations to shoot scenes, natural landmarks which ground photos cannot encompass, etc.
Near vertical photographs are taken with the camera pointed straight down or nearly straight down. Near vertical type photos are taken from an airplane, helicopter or satellite and are ideal for mapping large Austin Texas real estate areas, such as lake front homes (to give a better idea of location of a home to where the water is) and Austin Texas planning needs (plotting housing and business developments). These type aerials are used to make all kinds of maps, to show geographical changes over time, define accurate land boundaries, golf courses, to assess damages from natural disasters, and of course, for military purposes.

Satellite and/or near vertical aerial photographs can be useful resources for all kinds of people, from landowners, homeowners, travelers, vacationers, and commercial business owners to professionals like educators, architects, engineers, scientists, geologists, appraisers, movie producers, real estate agents, law enforcement personnel, investigators, general contractors, construction managers and litigators. These photographs can usually be obtained from the photographer or some Austin Texas government agency. Buying from stock saves you lots of money compared to having near vertical photographs from a custom aerial photography assignment.

Air-to-Air Photography is almost exclusively photos of airplanes in flight. The photographer is in one plane, shooting pictures of another plane. Location of the sun, speed of the planes, altitude of one plane to another, etc. must be taken into consideration when doing air-to-air photography. Although information about other types of air-to-air photography seems to be non-existent, I have taken photographs of in-flight hot air balloons, flocks of birds in formation, skydiving jumpers, etc. and consider all of these air-to-air photography.

Client Usage of Austin TX Aerial Photography

Oblique aerial photographs are generally used as artistic displays and promotional pieces and publications. The exception to this is construction progress aerials which are not generally used for promotional materials, but are photos intended to document the progress of the construction project for the owner of the development, either because the project is a government public work, a project owned by an out-of-state corporate entity, or a large national company that has facilities being built around the country and wants documentation of the development process. The general contractor and the architect are usually the only purchasers and the photographs become a visual trail for insurance purposes, a time progression assessment on the contractor, or as a requirement of the public building process. Who ever is in charge of paying the contractor and/or sub contractor often require construction progress photographs for proof of performance before contactor and/or sub contactor is paid. These pictures sometimes are also used for litigation.

Depending on the eagerness of the photographer to promote his/her work, photos can be marketed to the sub contractors of building projects Austin Texas.

Finding the Location Site for an Aerial Assignment in Austin TX

Properties, bodies of water and buildings look very different when viewed from an airplane window. One of the first challenges an aerial photographer must meet is finding the correct location for the shoot. When I was preparing to photograph a site with an unfamiliar location, I would often search for a vertical photograph on the Internet to help me pinpoint the location. When feasible, I would sometimes drive to the location, mapping out major landmarks and highways to help me spot the site from the air. Hiring a local pilot, familiar with major buildings in the area, sometimes proved helpful. On some occasions, I would take the client with me when he or she proved knowledgeable about the location. If the site had been photographed from the air before, the old photo could also be helpful. Generally, the toughest locations to find and shoot are the ones in the country.

Gyro Stabilized Camera System for R44 Helicopters

In the past you could only rent a gyro-stabilized video & film mount & platform. Now you can own a low-cost triple gyro-stabilized video & film mount & platform!

Until now professional camera stabilization from a moving platform has only been achieved through the use of very expensive stabilized mounts that are usually rented. Developed for their own professional aerial photography business the Aerial Exposure’s Gyro Stabilized Mount & Platform is the most affordable stabilized video or film platform that produces professional quality stabilized imagery.

The Gyro Stabilized Platform is a breakthrough product in the areas of performance and price. This product will enable those without Hollywood-sized budgets to obtain stable, high quality video.

Quality video from an aircraft, helicopter, boat, car, off road vehicle or any unstable moving platform is almost impossible without some form of stabilization.

The Aerial Exposure’s Gyro Stabilized Platform is a portable system that is quick to set up and will work for many different video applications.

The Aerial Exposure’s Gyro Stabilized Platform is based on the use of Kenyon Laboratories Gyro Stabilizers. Depending on the camera weight and the amount of stabilization required the system uses either two or three high powered gyro stabilizers.

Stabilization is provided in all three axes.

The use of the third gyro provides double stabilization in all three axes. KS-8 gyros with tungsten wheels are recommended and provide the most stabilization although KS-6 gyros can also be used. Built from high quality materials, the black anodized aluminum platform and frame are built to last. The platform is quite compact and quickly folds for travel. The frame is available in different sizes to accommodate a variety of cameras.

New gyro stabilized platform designed for any camera system utilizes two or three KS-6’s or KS-8’s, designed for aerial photography & cinematography as well as marine or vehicle use.